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Grants & Awards

Ethel Mary Read (EMR)

In 1985, the Council of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales decided to establish the Ethel Mary Read (EMR) Research Grant Fund. The initial source of the fund arose from a bequest to the Society from Mrs Ethel Mary Read, a long-time supporter of the Society.

The Council decided to use the bequest to support short term research projects and young zoologists working in any aspect of zoology within Australasia.

The Nature of the Grant

EMR Grants are composed of small research grants. They are intended for researchers who are just starting out in their respective fields of study and will cover minor costs.

Applications are restricted to members of the RZS NSW (not a member? Join today!). A degree is not a prerequisite. However, applicants must be able to demonstrate in their application that they have the scientific competence to undertake and complete the proposed research project. The maximum grant awarded is $AUD3000 per year. Applicants are free to apply for funding regardless of whether they have been successful in previous years, but only one grant will be awarded for any single project (i.e., successful applicants can only apply for future grants for a different project). The size of the grant means that the EMR Research Fund may bridge a gap in existing funding, may be used to instigate pilot studies, may be devoted to travel costs in the field or may be used to purchase equipment. There are no restrictions on how the grant may be used in contributing to the nominated research program.

Please note that we do not provide funding to support travel to conferences or workshops.


Each year a committee is convened to assess the EMR applications. This committee comprises academic and non-academic members of the Council of the RZS NSW.

Applications will be ranked against:

  • Quality of Science (20%): How good is the project idea for which EMR funds are sought? How significant a contribution will the project make to zoological knowledge of Australasian fauna?
  • Method/Feasibility (20%): Will the proposed methods adequately test the stated hypothesis? Is the methodology likely to generate meaningful data that can be analysed and reported within the timeframe of the EMR grant? How critical is the EMR grant to funding the methodology? Will the methodology still be feasible if the EMR grant is not supplemented by other funds?
  • Quality of Application (20%): Does the grant application present the hypothesis and background information, scientific references and identify potential project outcomes in a relevant and concise manner? Has the application been proof-read and typographical and grammatical errors been removed or corrected prior to submission of the application?
  • Track Record (20%): The past academic and research performances of the EMR applicant.
  • Conservation Relevance (20%): The relevance and importance of the project in promoting conservation of Australasian fauna.

If projects are equally ranked, preference may be given to student applicants on the basis that students are less likely to obtain funding from other sources.

Applicants may be contacted by the EMR Grants Committee to supply additional information.


Applications for this grant closes on the 30th of April each year.

Once the grants are awarded, notices of successful projects are posted on the RZS NSW website and forwarded to universities and other institutions in July. Both academic and non-academic persons are encouraged to apply.

Grants are awarded in July and run for one financial year. Applicants are required to be members of RZS NSW for the duration of the grant. (Not a member? Join today!)

EMR 2024 Application Form

EMR 2024 Instructions & Conditions

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