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Other RZS NSW Publications

Until recently, RZS NSW regularly published proceedings of scientific forums and a range of other thought-pieces. These publications often tackled controversial issues in zoology and contain papers from a wide range of authors covering science, policy and opinion. These publications are all available as open access. Since 2014, proceedings of the RZS NSW Scientific Forums are published as theme editions of Australian Zoologist.

Grumpy Scientists: The Ecological Conscience of a Nation

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Pat Hutchings, Harry Recher

Science Under Siege: Zoology Under Threat

Edited by Peter Banks, Daniel Lunney, Chris Dickman

The Biology and Conservation of Australasian Bats

Edited by Bradley Law, Peggy Eby, Daniel Lunney, Lindy Lumsden

The Natural History of Sydney

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Pat Hutchings, Dieter Hochuli

Too close for comfort: Contentious issues in human-wildlife encounters

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Adam Munn, Will Meikle

Animals of Arid Australia: Out on their own?

Edited by Chris Dickman, Daniel Lunney, Shelley Burgin

Pest or Guest: The Zoology of Overabundance

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Peggy Eby, Pat Hutchings, Shelley Burgin

Threatened species legislation: Is it just an Act?

Edited by Pat Hutchings, Daniel Lunney, Chris Dickman

Urban Wildlife: More than meets the eye

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Shelley Burgin

Conserving Marine Environments: Out of sight, out of mind

Edited by Pat Hutchings, Daniel Lunney

A clash of Paradigms: Community and research-based conservation

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Chris Dickman, Shelley Burgin

A Symposium on the Dingo

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Chris Dickman, Shelley Burgin

Ethics, Money and Politics

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Terry Dawson

Is the Biodiversity Tail Wagging the Zoological Dog

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Terry Dawson, C.R. Dickman

Future of the Fauna of Western New South Wales

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Suzanne Hand, Philip Reed, David Butcher

Herpetology in Australia: A Diverse Discipline

Edited by Daniel Lunney, Danielle Ayers

Zoology in Court

Edited by Daniel Lunney

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