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Manuscript Submission

Editorial policy

RZS NSW publications strive to encourage a diversity of ideas, information and research on Australian animals and the conservation of their habitats. A principle of editorial policy is to maintain the relevance of the study of all aspects of zoology to modern science and to recognise the interdisciplinary nature of many of the frontiers of modern research. Original papers and review articles dealing with these topics are welcomed by the Editor. The journal encourages authors to include illustrations, particularly maps and photographs. All papers are rigorously edited and reviewed by independent referees.

Editorial board

The editorial board of Australian Zoologist consists of three co-editors:

 Daniel Lunney  
 Brad Law 
 Martin Predavec 

Manuscript preparation

Authors should follow the Instructions for Authors. Recently published papers will also provide further guidance. 

We ask that authors pay particular attention to their referencing style and the use of DOIs. 

More detailed guidance may be obtained from the Editors at


Australian Zoologist uses EditorialManager to guide manuscripts through the submission and review process. When you are ready to submit your manuscript, click the link below.

Submit a Manuscript

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